Forex Trading

It can be as simple as ordering something with your credit card from overseas through the internet or buying foreign cash for that holiday you’re taking, up to the payment or receipt of payment for international trade or multi-billion dollar cross-border corporate mergers or takeovers. Wherever one currency has to be exchanged for another that is a part of the Foreign Exchange market and all those transactions create a total daily turnover of more than US $ 5 trillion per day in the global market, making it the largest financial market in the world.

Unlike Futures Exchanges or Stock exchanges, it is a decentralised market where the market participants deal directly with each other all over the world rather than in a central marketplace. For the Forex Trader, this creates a marketplace of possibilities due to the vast size of the market and the sheer volume of transactions.

Why trade Forex with us?

The value of the currencies change against each other almost constantly and provide numerous trading opportunities each day for traders to exploit.

Market Availability

The Forex market is open 24 hours a day 5 days a week. The market opens Monday morning Sydney time and runs non stop until 5p.m. Friday afternoon New York time with no session breaks or interruptions. So whenever you wish to get into or out of a trade the market is available for you to do so.

Market Liquidity

Over US $ 5 trillion average global turnover each business day of the year with most of that business occurring in a concentrated group of major currencies. This means that at any time under normal market conditions the ability to open a new trade or close an existing trade is unrivalled in financial markets

Low Costs

Ongoing costs remain low as traders have available to them trading accounts with very tight spreads between the bid and ask prices and very competitive commissions rates


Low initial capital requirements. With the leverage available to our customers an initial deposit of $200 still allows for a position size big enough to take advantage of even the smaller moves in the Forex market.

Ease of Trading

The physical requirements to access the Forex market are well within the reach of the average person. A reasonable computer device, an internet connection, a trading account with a broker and trading software such as the MT4 trading platform is all that's required to get started.

Buy & Sell

Buy or Sell (Long or Short). Unlike some other financial markets there are no restrictions on selling short a currency if you believe the value of that currency is about to fall. You can basically make money whether the market goes up or down.

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